QACVR Solution

Solution Overview

QACVR is the Airborne device can do long time recording on cockpit voice and also has quick access to the cockpit voice data. It can be treated as the assistance of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), helping to provide evidence for the safety investigation、pilot evaluation and responsibility partition.

QACVR solution contains two parts:

1.     In-flight installation Part: QACVR device (with portable memory card), modification kit (include the cable, tray and accessories)

2.     On-ground voice management part: data reader, cockpit voice management system.

Donica has already got 3 generation QACVR device, namely the QACVR III, QACVR IV and V. And the QACVR V supports the 4G、WIFI function so that the voice data can be uploaded to data server directly by 4G, which is a very helpful feature, will reproduce the work on voice data downloading.

Solution Features

  • Fast access, circular recording
  • Power on automatic record, power off automatic save
  • Ground fast playback
  • Voice record encryption, security