WEFly Streaming( Cabin LAN system )

Solution Overview

Wi-Fi6000 is the new generation Wi-Fi solution of Donica, includes the Cabin Network Server Unit (CNSU) and Cabin Wireless Access Point (CWAP-4000). Passengers can enjoy the movie、TV series、Music、E-book and game on their Personal Electronic Device(PED)by connecting the Wi-Fi.

Solution Features

  • Few LRUs: 2-3 LURs for Narrow body Aircraft, 3-4 LRUs for Broad Body Aircraft.
  • Full cabin Wi-Fi Coverage, 2.4GHz/5.2GHz/5.8GHz concurrency for whole cabin. 3 CWAPs can ensure 200+ concurrent streaming @ 2.5Mbps HD Video.
  • Low consumption, Light weight, Easy to retrofit
  • Many Maturity cases for reference.
  • Minimum number of LRUs: 2-3 LRUs can meet the requirements of narrow body coverage, and 3-4 LRUs can meet the requirements of wide body coverage.
  • Cabin full coverage, three frequency concurrent, can achieve full cabin Wi Fi signal coverage, three cwaps can meet the demand of up to 200 users for 2.5mbps HD video at the same time
  • Low power, light weight, easy to refit.
  • There are many installed cases, and the scheme is mature.