Wireless Passenger Service System(wPSS)

Wireless Passenger Service System(wPSS)

Key features:

  • Including 4 LRUs,Wireless Overhead Electrical Unit(wOEU),Passenger Control Unite(PCU),Master Control Unit(MCU),Chime Box(Crew Notify Box)

  • Combined as a wireless communication network to control the passenger call service and light indication on the aircraft

  • Wireless implementation,eliminating 90% of the cables required for a traditional PSS system

  • Perfect solution to decouple and thus remove the old heavy seatback entertainment system

  • Estimate to reduce up to 900kg/2000lb weight for a typical A330/B777/B747 aircraft

  • EASA STC ready for Boeing 747/767/777 and Airbus 330 aircraft

  • Seamless integration with in-seat power and cabin Wi-Fi solution