WeFly Demand

Solution Overview

WeFly Demand , namely the WAVOD solution, is the latest Wireless Audio&Video on Demand system of Donica. Different form the traditional AVOD solution, the AV content stored in the Server will not be transmitted through cables but using Wi-Fi signal, which simplifies the system architecture and cables. WAVOD solution will provide the Movie、TV series、Music、E-book entertainment service to ensure the great in-flight experience for passengers.

WAVOD solution contains the CNSU,CWAP and SLCD, and system software include the OAM software, SLCD app and the portal software.

Solution Features

  • Online AVOD
  • Integrate traditional entertainment system with Wi Fi, and the content of entertainment programs can be upgraded centrally
  • The whole system has few components, light weight and easy to refit
  • It can expand the IFEC system and connect with the world interconnection system